We love what we do and we are pretty excited about it. Melanie (Lane) Johnson here and overjoyed to have you scoping out our page. Going on 5 years of photography and 2 years full time, I am so happy with my profession! I am married to the most wonderful, God loving man I have ever met, Jeremiah. He’s my partner in this business and I seriously couldn't have a better teammate! Our goal is to create something absolutely amazing with you. Documenting and curating your love story through the lens of our camera is where we hold our passion. As we strive for our work to be organic, full of life and passion, we want to tell your story exactly as it is.. Amazing! When behind the lens we are focused on the candid moments that are sometimes messy, but beautifully and uniquely you. Ultimately we want you to enjoy yourselves and have fun, because we are having fun right along with you!

We are based out of south Louisiana, but love to travel and will go anywhere!

Photography is such a beautiful and creative gift we’ve been blessed with. All glory be to God, our first and ultimate creator. We owe it all to Him and give Him praise for His unfailing love that truly changes everything.