Sydney & Collins

How we met: Collins and I met when I was on a mission trip to Uganda in 2013. He worked for the ministry that I served with. I didn't get to really talk with him until our final day there when we were traveling back through Nairobi - we needed a chaperone to accompany us to make sure we got on our flight to Amsterdam, which just so happened to be him.

The proposal: Our story is a little unique. Collins is here on a fiance visa so we knew we would be getting married even before the official date that he proposed. We started the application process back in February 2016 and got the official approval the middle of November. He met my parents for the first time in person on December 1st. He proposed on December 12, 2016 and I was completely surprised! I thought I'd have to wait until Christmas to get the ring. :)

Our love story: spark was seeing him in the compound with kids all around him screaming "Uncle Collins!! Uncle Collins!!" and the JOY that radiated from him. There was something different about him and I was drawn. I actually didn't hardly speak to him at all the week we were there because he always served on a different team from me, so the day we traveled together we got to know each other better. Little did we know where that day would take us. We began talking as soon as I got back to the States and knew pretty quickly this was something special. We immediately started praying for God's will. We waited three years before the Lord brought us together to start this journey in the same country.