The Ultimate

Wedding Guide

From the details of getting ready, to the end of the grand reception. We want to help plan your absolute best day ever!

Wedding Timeline

Before the wedding day, please take some time to sit down and create a timeline for us and all your venders to follow. This way everyone can stay on track and keep things organized. The timeline should consist of addresses, time of every event you want captured, and any details that can help us understand your vision for the day. Please make sure my arrival time and departure time fit into the hours you have me for! Side note: With your timeline, please attach the portrait list and a list of all your venders (florist, makeup/hair artist, venue, coordinator, dj, ect.)! We would love to share with them photos of their finished work and give them the proper credit they deserve!

:: Example Timeline ::
Insert Time: for photographers arrival:
Time: you are finishing makeup:
Time: you are putting on dress: 
Time: for first look ( if applicable): 
Time: for pre ceremony portraits and shot list: 
(example: Bride w/ bridesmaids, Bride with each bridesmaid individually, bride alone, bride with mom, bride with mom and sister) you will need to make one for the second shooter and groomsmen as well!)
Time: for bridesmaids ceremony departure
Time: for groomsmen ceremony departure
Ceremony Time + Address: 
 for post ceremony portraits: 
Reception Time + Address : 
Time: for reception:
Time: for cake cutting:
Time: for everything else and so on. Be as detailed as you can. I want to know the time for everything you want pictures of! 

Getting Ready

:: DETAILS :: The first thing we do upon arrival is photograph all of
your treasured wedding details. To make this portion of your wedding
day run smoothly, please have the wedding dress and all those
pretty bridesmaids dresses out of the plastic + hanging up on
twistable hangers. Whether its the shoes, perfume, invitation,
rings, basically any getting ready details you can think of, we want to
see it all! Please have all your details placed in one spot upon arrival.
Don't forget about letting the guys know this too! (cuff links, tie, shoes,
gifts, anything sentimental!)

:: CLEANLINESS :: Those beautiful, emotion-filled moments on the morning of a wedding day can be a little less beautiful with fast food leftovers, gym bags and a pile of shoes in the background. When it comes to making the most of your getting ready photos, it’s important that your getting ready location is as clean as possible when I arrive! Please make sure bags, shoes, garbage and general clutter is put
away or hidden in a designated space in order to provide a clean
space for your photos.

:: LIGHTING :: We want to work with the cleanest lighting possible will
make your photos stunning! This means we might be turning off the
orangey hue lights from lamps and room lighting. Choosing a getting
ready location with lots of windows and natural light would be helpful
to not only us, but also your makeup/hair artist, and videographers. If
you’re not able to find a space that’s clean with natural light, you may
consider bringing your dress to the ceremony location, renting out a
space such as an airbnb, or you could always get ready outdoors! It
sounds crazy, but once you have your dress on, you could do
finishing touches outdoors with gorgeous natural lighting.

Bridal party + Family Portraits

:: Portrait List :: While the majority of the day is focused on capturing emotion and unplanned moments, I realize that family/group photos are just as important and I take them very seriously. Before the wedding day, please take some time to sit down and create a list of all the different groupings for family/group portraits. During portrait time, I will be calling out and checking off who is next in line for portraits. Please take your time and thought to the order of the list. So that I don’t get confused, I do my best to call out the list and check off in the order you have given to me. Be as detailed and specific as possible on the list as only know the names you have given me, not faces!

:: Example Portrait List ::
Bride + Groom
Bride alone
Bride w/ Bridesmaids
Bride w/ each bridesmaid
Groom alone
Groom w/ Groomsmen
Groom w/ each groomsmen
Bride w/ Mom (last name)
Bride w/ Mom + Dad (last names)
Bride + Groom w/ Mom + Dad (last names)
Bride + Groom w/ Bride’s immediate family (last name)

:: Time + Place :: If you are having a first look, we recommend designating the majority bridal party portraits following family portraits to happen after the first look. If there are any portraits left over, we will take them following the ceremony. With no first look, I can either take them all following the ceremony or split them up with a pre-ceremony list and post ceremony list. The pre-ceremony list will be the portraits the bride and groom can take separately before seeing each other. Please make sure that everyone in the portrait knows beforehand exactly when and where portraits will be taken. We will not be able to round everyone up for portraits since we are not the coordinators nor know any faces to the names we have!
I take two to three duplicates (on a “one, two, three” count) of every portrait grouping. I will try my best to make sure that everyone is seen and smiling. Please make sure to relay this info to all portrait attendants so they can be prepared!

Couples Portraits

It’s no secret that bride and groom photos are my favorite part of the day. Not just because the moments you share on the day you become husband and wife are nothing short of magical, but because these are the photos you will share for the rest of your life. They’ll be on your walls, in your heirloom album, and the ones you’ll show to your kids and their kids someday. Having been a bride myself, the photos of my husband and I are what is most important to me. I still consider myself a newlywed, but while it’s been about 2 years, those photos of Jeremiah and I on our wedding day are becoming more and more important to me. I honestly wish we had carved out more time on our wedding day for photos, so I’m hoping for your sake you’ll dedicate time on your wedding or elopement day to get the photos you’ve always dreamed of!

:: First Look ::
A first look gives you and your love a chance to see each other in a private, intimate setting before the ceremony. Many photographers will push first looks. I will NEVER persuade you to do a first look if you feel strongly about seeing your fiance for the first time during the ceremony. Sometimes the ceremony is scheduled so early in the day, there is no need for a first look. However, because first looks are a new and upcoming tradition, I want to touch on the reasons couples have started to doing them:

Timing: I often get asked when the best time for couples portraits is. You might hear me talk about “soft, beautiful light” a LOT on the days leading up to your I dos, but you might not understand quite what I mean by that! We won’t get too scientific (because let’s be real.. I can’t), but the closer the sun gets to the horizon, the more diffused the light gets. Essentially, all the sunlight gets filtered through little particles in the air making it “softer,” which is why many photos are most beautiful at sunset! There’s less harsh shadows and the light is much more flattering on both your skin and the landscape around you. If there’s no way to work around taking portraits at sunset, try scheduling them during daylight hours. Any kind of natural light is better looking on your skin!

For some couples, taking pictures during daylight hours just won’t work with their timeline and thats okay! If you’re in the same situation, I can still work with inside portraits or give a darker, moodier vibe to your pictures. There’s also the option to move your ceremony time up earlier in the day or you can schedule an “after wedding” session. That means you get to dress back up in your wedding clothes and let me take pictures of just the two of you! As long as you try to carve out a little time for couple portraits, I can work with anything! Whatever you’re considering, don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to chat about what option is best for you!

Less pressure: There’s often a LOT of nerves going into your ceremony. I believe much of that is the anticipation of seeing your soon-to-be spouse for the first time! But if you have a chance to see them for the first time in a quiet, intimate setting before the ceremony, chances are you’ll be MUCH more relaxed when ceremony time comes!

More Intimate: While I do love the groom reaction shots while a bride walks down the aisle, it’s far less intimate than a first look and we aren’t able to capture the emotion as well as if you took some time aside for the two of you! And for some people it’s a lot harder to take in the moment for yourselves when there’s dozens of people watching you!

It frees up your timeline. Yep! Usually after a first look, we’ll do family photos prior to the ceremony. This means you won’t have to spend any or as much time doing family photos after all the excitement of the ceremony and you’ll be able to spend even more time with family and friends during cocktail hour and the reception! I would still like to grab you for sunset portraits at some point depending on when your ceremony is, but more time at the reception is a win for everyone!